Udemy: Online Learning Marketplace Serves 3M Students

18 May 2014

As it enters its 5th year, leading online learning marketplace Udemy achieved some major milestones.  The San Franciso startup serves 3 million students, up from 500,000 16 months ago; revenue quadrupled over the same period.  Udemy is adding 1,000 courses a month–and has 16,000 in total.  More than 8,000 experts from around the world have created courses on Udemy.
Norwest Venture Partners led a recent $32 million round of financing bringing the total raised to $48 million.
Over 30% of Udemy students consume courses via iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices.
In addition to its online learning marketplace for individuals, Udemy offers solutions for corporate learning. In 2013, Udemy launched Udemy for Organizations to help corporations manage, develop and grow their teams.
Udemy has students in every country around the world and is expanding operations overseas.  They are seeking more instructors teaching in other languages and replicating their marketplace in other regions.
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Udemy is a portfolio company of Learn Capital where Tom is a Partner.

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