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Phonological Awareness: The Number One Predictor of Reading Success

By: Jeanne Jeup “Phonological awareness is an awareness that the words that we speak can be taken apart, and phonological refers to the sound system of language. We do it with our ears, not with sight; it is a broad term that encompasses language in chunks; it happens before kids even understand that letters stand

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A Spatial Paradigm for Thriving Learners

By: Nathan Strenge In our last Getting Smart article, we introduced six elements of thriving learners (pictured above). Using six school images, we examined how each thriving element is manifested in the physical environment, as well as its impact. Alone, each element adds tremendous value to learners’ experiences.  Combined, they provide the necessary preconditions for learners

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Work-Based Learning Ecosystems: Improving Opportunity for All

Every year, 3.7 million students graduate from American high schools, and most head directly into the workforce, the military or a postsecondary learning experience. In June, 2021, 8.7 million Americans were unemployed while 10.1 million job openings were reported. While some of this mismatch may be due to geographic isolation or unemployment benefits, much of it has

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Education’s New and Necessary Narrative

By: Matt Piercy While many in northern latitudes find themselves in frigid climates for the winter holiday, I stand amidst a humid forest. Though I do not pretend to fully comprehend the intricacies of science, I know how beneath my feet there is a complex underground web of communication. One pre-existing the world wide web,

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So You Designed a Profile of a Graduate, Now What?

Your district, with community input and participation, has recently completed your Profile of a Graduate, (sometimes also known as a Graduate Profile or Learner Profile) now what? The ‘now what’ question is essential. If this is not acted upon, then it will join other missed opportunities like mission statements that collect dust. The act of

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More than Words

By: Breanna Morsadi and Shane Krukowski Grades, numbers, and percentages have a gravitational pull on how we summarize what learners know. But there’s an equally strong pull that those measures lack— the explanatory context learners need to grow and ultimately self-actualize. Timely, authentic feedback enhances performance and engages learners. EL Education’s Ron Berger tells the story of Austin’s

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EdSAFE AI Alliance

By: Jim Larimore AI-powered education platforms are proliferating but there’s a lot of confusion and hype in the market. In order to instill public confidence in AI’s education potential, the industry needs to adopt common benchmarks and standards. To meet that need, Riiid and Dxtera, a nonprofit membership organization that builds open technology solutions to

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Now is the Time to Build a New Field in Education

By: Lindsy Ogawa If we want to accelerate social change, it’s time to distinguish a new approach to education. Picture this: an equitable education system in which every child is known, loved, and equipped to live fulfilling lives. Every family and caregiver is supported to find nearby learning hubs that offer safe spaces for learners

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How Real World Learning Is Equipping Solutionaries In Kansas City

“How can we create a just, healthy, and humane world? What is the path to developing sustainable energy, food, transportation, production, construction, and other systems? What’s the best strategy to end poverty and ensure that everyone has equal rights? How can we slow the rate of extinction and restore ecosystems? How can we learn to

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Among The STARs: The Rise of Skills-Based Hiring

Many of us have become increasingly aware of the gaps in the workforce. While oftentimes the blame falls on the shoulders of talent and perceived lack of candidates, this gap is oftentimes more related to the fact that recruitment officers aren’t sure how to match skills with workplace needs. This process is time-consuming, subjective, and

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