How to Write English Language A Level Coursework

How to Write English Language A Level Coursework

How to Write English Language A Level Coursework

A level English Literature coursework has a lot of hidden features. As with any type of writing, it requires extensive writing and research. The assessments are supposed to reflect your depth of knowledge of the world and universe. A strong conclusion at the end of your piece of work is vital to a successful A-Level essay. Here are some tips for writing your A-Level literature coursework. Read on to learn more! Listed below are some key points to remember:

Essay plan

If you are preparing an essay for English language A-level coursework, you need to create an essay plan beforehand. It is very important to plan an essay properly in order to avoid blanking out during an exam. Developing a plan for your essay is crucial for your exam preparation as it will help you save time during the essay writing process. The best way to prepare an essay plan is to spend at least 15 minutes per question to find out the theme and sub-sections to include.

There are various types of coursework you have to complete for English Language A-level. One of them is an analytical essay that requires you to analyze three sources and draw conclusions. You must also include detailed commentary and analysis on how you intend to use the sources you have chosen to write the essay. This will help you make a clear and well-thought-out essay plan. It is also essential to use evidence from various sources in order to back up your arguments.


The bibliography for English language A-level coursework is the list of all the sources you have used during the writing process. The list should include the sources that have been directly referenced in the main body of your work. Harvard style referencing is widely accepted in academic writing, so be sure to follow the referencing guide’s format. Use italics and commas to separate each source. Also, make sure to include the place of publication and number of pages.

During the writing process, students should first identify the purpose, data and focus of the paper. During this phase, students should gather as much information as they can on the topic they have chosen. In addition, they should mark the sources from which they have gathered information. After defining the purpose of the paper, students can begin the research process by reading the materials on their chosen topic. Using citations from these sources will save them a lot of time.

Writing a response to a literary text

In English Language A-level coursework, writing a response to a literary text is an essential part of the overall assessment. It is important to remember to vary sentence lengths – shorter sentences are harder to control, while longer, more complex sentences are easier to write. Remember to tie everything back to the question posed in the text, and discard deadwood. Below are some tips for preparing your response.

Read the essay question carefully – do not simply copy-paste it. It must be original and reflect your own understanding of the topic and its importance. If you want to get extra marks, make sure you understand the question completely. ‘Response to literature’ is a great resource to follow. Once you’ve found the text, you can develop an analysis of it.

Choosing a topic

When choosing a topic for English language A level coursework, students should choose carefully. While choosing a topic, students should consider what they are passionate about. A topic that is too broad will not allow students to explore the topic and write a well-written essay. In order to find the perfect topic for their coursework, students should ask their teachers for guidance. If possible, students should look at previous coursework examples of other students.

A level English subjects have two main categories: language and literature. The latter category involves studying the language rather than literature, while the former covers English literature. A level English coursework has a range of hidden features and skills. In general, however, students should choose a topic that they are passionate about and enjoy reading. Here are some tips to help you choose the right topic for your coursework. It is also important to remember to choose an appropriate topic based on the genre of the paper.

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