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 Insights and Reflections Article



Raffles Organization (Junior College)

Project Operate 2010

Job 2: Alternatives to Dealing with Drunken Driving a car

One highway block we all faced is that our substitute did not talk about the problem of lone consumers. Our group had suggested the concept of a free of charge valet driving a car service in major lodge chains such as the Hyatt and Hilton Resorts where cultural drinking is prevalent, in order that lone drivers who move drinking will be driven with their homes rather than drive underneath intoxication. Nevertheless it provides a strategy to the lone drinker issue, we realized that this technique is merely prevention and does not police arrest the problem of any lack of interpersonal responsibility while drinking. It had been merely pinning the responsibility with the safety with the drivers unto the hotels, which they will they will reluctant to make. Thus resorts will be reluctant to put in place such a service.

Therefore , we could propose the encouragement the of group drinking through education. Along with our text messages of liable drinking, we're able to also spotlight that it is safer to drink within a group. The message will point out that group consuming with your close friends can be safer and more entertaining than ingesting alone. This will likely sit very well amongst youths as they participate in drinking to socialise and thus will connect with them better. In this way, the DDS will likely no longer be redundant.

Another drawback of our job was that since the scope of the project is merely targeting youths, it is difficult to gauge the achievements of the task should it be delivered to a larger public scale. It will require far more funding and enforcement procedures to employ the " Bob” Campaign on the large scale. Furthermore, the receptivity of the other age groups to the plan process can be unknown to us even as we did not live into that aspect in the course of each of our project.

Down the road, we could rely more for the Government to assist publicise the message of responsible ingesting in the " Bob” Plan. More repeated campaign months and road...

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