Do We Really Need to Teach Coding?

12 Dec 2013

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, two of the fastest-growing occupations are in computer science and related fields – expected to grow 53.4% by 2018. Still, according to a survey of over 1 million ACT test takers, over 90% of high school graduates are NOT interested in a career focused on science, math or technology.
“An understanding of coding can provide a strong foundation for many degrees and career paths, including computer science, where there are three times more computing jobs than graduates,” said Annabel Cellini, SVP of Strategic Marketing, Pearson Learning Solutions. “As part of Pearson’s commitment to the Hour of Code campaign and our mission to be Always Learning, we’re encouraging all of our employees to take part in coding activities for one hour during Computer Science Education Week.”

In this video, eight of Pearson’s computer programmers share their stories of knowing how to code and how that has led them to success and also their beliefs about why students should learn to code. Pearson agrees that the field of computer programming has been misunderstood and are excited to join with over 100 other organizations and to show how essential, yet fun coding can be. 

Pearson is a Getting Smart Advocacy Partner.

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