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 Debut System Essay

EMCEE: Good evening to all of us. Everyone should be open to Frances Teresa Back garden. Welcome to the HOT and LEGAL PARTY of our charming debutant who is now evolving into a fine lady. This is quiet a very important celebration in her life and she is a lot honor for your presence. Just like Wendy in the movie Peter Pan, no longer fairy tale tales every night. She actually is now a true lady because she walked onto the much higher degree of what we call EXISTENCE. Ladies and gentlemen, sit back as we groove, jive and revel in her get together for tonight… INTRODUCTION OF GUESTS

EMCEE: But before all of us go on, it really is my superb honor to introduce every her special guests pertaining to tonight. 1 . 18 Bachelor's:

Like a blossom that blooms and exudes its nice scents to attract bees and butterflies, the debutant will be swarmed down the line by 18 equally gentle bachelors. I want to invite them to come in to the grand ballroom. Let us begin with: * Gio Paolo Flores

* Benedict Pe

* Oliver A

* Tobey maguire Maquinay

2. Roy Piore

* Phillip Pulido

2. Jake Casaquite

* James Lisondra

5. Girme Ambita

* Kevin Ledesma

* Vincent Fontaina

* Meryll Gilbuena

* Renzy Samaniego

* Renmar Tanael

* Dwayne Castanarez

* Jigo Lontoc

2. Maxell Marquez

* Cyprian Flores

2 . Loved one

Without them, her life would be empty and unhappy. I want to all offer a big circular of applause to exclusive chance all the people whom your woman truly loved. Sabi nga, marami tayong mahahanap bist du kapuso, cuando iisa lang ang ating kapamilya.  Isabelo Reyes– dad

 Rhodora Reyes – mom

 Jamil Reyes – close friend

 Mocca Jessica David – cousin

 Rino Reyes – brother


(song: The way you look tonight)

EMCEE: And now…. guests, friends, people, let us most stand as we welcome the debutant like a woman of grandeur, right now hot and legal…. escorted by her father, Isabelo Reyes…. A few give a big round of applause Miss Irish Marie Ann Reyes EMCEE: That is Irish inside the real impression of term? Of course apart from being a kind and dependable daughter, good friend or classmate maybe, you will find things that some people know but not proven to others. A few find out even as we randomly question some peculiar, trivial and even personal inquiries to some of each of our important guests here? 1 ) Guests

Customer questions:

 What is usually your relation to Cyrill? How do you find her?

 In one word, how could you describe Cyrill?

 What makes Cyrill's time very happy?

 Who is Cyrill's celebrity grind?

 What do you think Cyrill's solid positive feature?

 What are you able to say of her when ever she was a child?

 What is her favorite film? Why do you think it's her favorite?  How are you linked to the debutante?

 How did you fulfill?

2 . Members of the family

 Why do you really name her Cyrill?

 What makes her cry once she was a child?

 What age do you need her to get married?

 In one phrase, what do you wish for her?

 How many pillow case does the lady use on her behalf bed? So why do you think therefore?  What can be her recommended position the moment she is sleeping?

 How was Cyrill as being a daughter? Being a sister?


EMCEE: To spiritually wide open the program, may I question everybody to please indicate the Lord's Moment for our advice and benefits to be led by Mister. Dindo Diago. MULTIMEDIA PRESENTATION

EMCEE: Precisely what is the substance of this special event without further more knowing a few of the important information of the debutant? Once again, sit back (because dinner is definitely ready… zero just kidding…) As I said, sit back and be astonished about the Powerpoint business presentation we ready just for you. You will be astonished about many of the most undisclosed information and challenging revelations of Cyrill since gathered simply by her two Kuya's. I understand you will love it and will appreciate Cyrill as well. DINNER

EMCEE: Sorry to get the invasion in the ongoing flow of the celebration but I would like to announce we will have each of our dinner this time around. After the dinner, the family members would like to obtain everybody to please remain for a while intended for the...

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