Bye Amazing

 Bye Amazing Essay


Page Reference| Events| Techniques| Themes| Purpose

1 – 2| Prologue: Family's and Frank's reaction to Billy's death| Italic'sThird Person| | Creates suspense| 5 – 6| Lansings' car journey| Similes: HeatPersonificationAdjectives| Family tasks in 1960s established| Creates a sense of warmth and isolation| 7 – 9| Meet up with Bill Read| DialoguePersonificationSymbolism: ” shriek from the cockatoos” (9)| | Mention of the politics (Menzies) provides traditional context. | 10 – 11| Spider in bedroom| Similes| |

12 – 13| Sandy sees Billy looking at their particular car at nighttime. | Adjectives| | Bring in Billy| 18 – 20| " Initially big shop” at Department of transportation Read's retail store. Children's agesGlad refers to Marianne as " our clever girl”| Descriptive passagesDialogueSymbolism: Marianne's ring| Sandy's sense of inferiorityis outlined – i. e her place in the familyRole of women in society| Context pertaining to setting (place)| 21 – 30| Sandy has Marianne's old undesired clothes. Children go to poolMeet Billy| DialogueThe ring is usually focus of Carol's attentionHeat| Sandy as an outsiderRole of education intended for women| Shows Sandy's cultural awkwardness. Billy as a charismatic and well-liked person who arouses both Sandy's and Marianne's interest. | 31 – 34| At the pool. Marianne dives in the water -- admired| Symbolism: The diamond ring – Soft sand worries if Marianne loses it. (Marianne forgets Peter) Heat| | Highlights Marianne's interest in Billy| 35 – 39| Family members dinner. Frank has most of everything. Marianne changes hairstyle so Frank doesn't acquire angry. The girl with rebelling. | Sandy's inability to swallow food due to fear of her father. | Frank because authoritarian – feared by simply children especially Sandy (victimisation)| Shows aspect within the family. | 45 – 44| At Church and Exotic is ill. Meet Pat Read| Heat | Sandy's sense of inferiority and inadequacy| Sandy's fear of Outspoken results in emotions of insufficiency. | Webpage Reference| Events| Techniques| Themes| Purpose

45 – 48| Early morning talk – Marianne stocks confidences. | DialogueBird imagery| Sandy's withdrawal – failure to share her feelings (outsider due to her response - fear)| Show details of relationship between the sisters and of Marianne's relationship with Peter| 49 – 52| Family breakfastMarianne hides fresh shoes (defies father)| Dialogue| Effect of authoritarian father around the family| Reactions to Honest (Marianne reveals secret disobedient, Sandy withdraws)| 53 – 54| Walk to school| Descriptive languageSymbolism of change (currency)| | Historical context (decimal currency)| 55 – 60| Initially day at schoolMay Read is definitely victimised | | Victimisation(Racism)| Contrast May's reaction to victimization with Sandy's| 61 – 66| With the deli Soft sand questions Peter's commitmentBilly will come in – overlooked by Marianne| | | Question Marianne's and Peter's commitment. | 67 – 68| Sandy cries | | Hopeless love (Sandy)| Start of Sandy's envy. | 69 – 72| Marianne still angry with SandyFrank permits girls to obtain new sneakers. | | | Marianne's angry response to Sandy makes readers question her commitment to Philip. See diverse side to Frank. | 73 – 81| ChurchSandy tries to solve misunderstanding with May| | ToleranceRacism| Touch at remedying of aboriginals. Famous context (Vietnam war)| 82 – 85| Discussion of evening meal party| | Role of youngsters. Expectations of roles affect behaviour. | To show adults can act in a distinct way| 86 – 90| Sandy and Marianne buy fruit pertaining to party- justification for M. to see Billy. Sandy inquiries her. | Symbol: cockatoos shrieking| | Sandy's jealousy (88)| 91 – 94 | Appear in and Bill arrive pertaining to party. Soft sand remembers Frank's beating| | Victimisation| Present basis of Sandy's fear. | 95 – 99| Meal Party| | Role of youngsters and womenChanges in society| Highlight within society| Web page Reference| Events| Techniques| Themes| Purpose

75 – 105| Sandy overhears adults' chat –...

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