Video: The Promise of Digital Learning

29 Nov 2013

Sal Kahn begins this new video by explaining all that is exciting about digital learning. He says technology is “fundamentally altering how we think about the learning. The tech, somewhat ironically, is making the classroom more human and allowing the teacher to express more creativity, form deeper bonds with their students and frankly move up the value chain.” But this video is not only about what is exciting but about bringing evidence to what the promises made by digital technology  to transform the education system.

Motivating, more data, personalization, self-paced, ownership, equalization, extended time, great teaching, learner profiles and working conditions are the ten benefits of digital learning highlighted in this video. These benefits are only the start of unlocking the promise of digital learning.

If you haven’t seen the other videos in this series, find them all in our Learning Videos category or  at Digital Learning Now!’s video library. All the videos from Digital Learning Now! align with the Smart Series white papers published over the past year.

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