The Results are In, Growth is Happening

1 Aug 2014

Earlier this Summer our friends over at MIND Research Institute released their annual report that detailed the last years accomplishments, financials, and most importantly the huge impact that Spatial-Temporal (ST) Math had around the country.
In 2013 ST Math was recognized by Business Roundtable as one of the top 5 education programs they deemed to have “strong potential for helping prepare more U.S. K-12 students for college and the workforce”. But it doesn’t stop there, ST Math was also recognized by Change the Equation as one of four offerings that met their standards of high-quality, immediately scalable programs.
630,000 students, 25,000 teachers, 2,050 schools in 35 states were using ST Math last year and that number is only expected to grow (check out the success students at Palomino Intermediate and Gilroy Prep are having). Here are ST Math’s “results at scale”:
MIND Results at Scale
MIND Research Institute is a Getting Smart Advocacy Partner.

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