Teachers Must be Drug Examined

 Teachers Should Be Drug Tested Essay

I believe educators should be medicine tested. They will interact and influence our children for a

significant portion during, most of the 12 months. Many are against drug tests teachers and use

the fourth Variation to back up all their argument against it. In my opinion if they are getting paid

with our taxes money that people worked hard for and the safety of the children is an excellent enough

cause to drug test them out. If professors have nothing to hide than it didn't hurt those to be on

the secure side.

To begin, they have interaction and impact our children for any significant portion of the day,

a lot of the year. All of us entrust our kids to all of them every day to put good examples for our

children. Whenever we don't medication test after that we risk teachers appearing for operate under the influence of

drugs. It truly is horrible to think that somebody who has children's education as their responsibility

can be doing all their job incorrectly because of drug use. A West Va school where the

primary and a teacher were arrested pertaining to allegedly smoking meth has become shut down mainly because

meth residue was found in the building's duct system.

Most are against drug testing educators and utilize the fourth Modification to back again their

argument against it. It is said things such as we are able to hardly afford to pay them right now, how are all of us

likely to pay to drug test them all on the random basis. It invades the level of privacy of the instructors;

what they do on their own time shouldn't matter. It's unlike they have a hard job, they set for a

desk all day long. The fourth Change is against searches and seizures, unless of course given a probable


In my opinion if we are paying these our tax money that people worked hard for as well as the

safety of our children is a good enough cause to drug test them. If our money pays off them than

it will not hurt the federal government to take a number of that cash for medication test; they are doing it pertaining to

fire fighters, doctors, nurses, and many more. What they do on their own...

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