"Respiration is very a lot like burning. inches Is this true? Illustrate the answer by simply describing several similarities and 3 differences between the two.

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  • "Respiration is very a lot like burning. inches Is this true? Illustrate the answer by simply describing several similarities and 3 differences between the two.
 «Respiration is incredibly similar to losing. » Is this true? Illustrate your response by describing 3 commonalities and three or more differences between...

Respiration is known as a process which releases strength from energy-rich molecules such as glucose. The glucose is converted into strength which is usable for life operations. Burning, or perhaps combustion, is known as a reaction among a substance and a gas to discharge energy. Both of these reactions have many similarities tend to be not the same. This essay is going to identify some of similarities and differences between two processes.

The first similarity is that both breathing and using use oxidation to release strength. In breathing, oxygen combines with sugar to release strength which can be found in the body. Also some heat is produced to hold the body warm. Burning normally occurs in oxygen (in form of O2) to form oxide. However , using can take place in other fumes such as chlorine. Also both of these reactions will be exothermic -- both reactions release heat after reacting with fresh air.

Another similarity is that both equally reactions launch energy following oxidation. Intended for respiration, the equation pertaining to the oxidation process of sugar is:

Blood sugar + Fresh air в†’ Carbon dioxide + Drinking water + Energy

C6H12O6 & 6O2 в†’ 6CO2 + 6H2O & energy

A substance named ADP (adenosine diphosphate) acts with a phosphate group to create an ATP molecule (adenosine triphosphate).

ADP + phosphate + strength в†’ ATP

In using, the energy released is in type of heat and light.

The final likeness is that both equally reactions create waste products. Breathing produces energy, carbon dioxide and water. Co2 and normal water are waste products as they are unnecessary in the body. In burning, these products include water as well as deadly carbon monoxide (CO) or perhaps carbon dioxide (CO2), or both. Other by-products from reactions such as losing fuel and coal, might produce smoke or soot.

The initially difference is the fact respiration requirements sugar and oxygen (unless it's anaerobic respiration) to produce energy. The sugar is normally glucose in the equation: Glucose + Oxygen в†’ Co2 + Normal water + Strength

Burning does not needs anything...

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