Ragging: Scholar and Encounter Dear Friends

 Ragging: Pupil and Knowledge Dear Good friends Essay

Will rag develop friendship?


It does, upto a limit. Although rag must not get critical, like you must not cause body twinge to the person having ragged. I actually ahve felt this. Almost all of the most friendly seniors I actually own at college are the ones who have ragged myself. Source(s): Experience

Dear Close friends.

Ragging in school, colleges or any type of where else should be ceased Completely, Due to Following reasons:

1 . That De inspires our Benjamin.

2 . We can not build relationship with others, a lttle bit it destroys the Relationship and friendship. three or more. There may not unity. You should remember one thing, Unity is fantastic Strength. And so forth....


It can also be the building prevent of a romantic relationship lol! Me and my friends rag to each other regularly, it's a very good method to go the time! I will have to say certainly! As long as you keep it detrimental, as civil as it can be anyways with ragging lol.

might be or might be not...

is determined by how u do ragging

3) After 3 years of college life and entering inside the 4th yr as the super older in the college or university, it is indeed a moment of pride and happiness personally. But it is usually accompanied with a feeling of responsibility. At this point, we are the senior most of all and this signifies that we have nobody to look out for us but yourself and also we have to look out for each of the juniors too. But then, when everything is as crystal clear because that, exactly where lies the damn issue? Let me present it to you personally. In common parlance it is generally known as ‘Ragging' although I call it up ‘Attitude Adjustment'. Yes, the same old ‘devil', which usually hashaunted the colleges for years and may haunt all of them in future as well. The Government, by using judicial program and college or university management features tried to control this menace and is good to a large extent. Now, after that decision that anybody identified indulged in a form of ragging will be hung from the university for life, and he/she will never get admission in some other college/university through the country, this kind of...

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