Advance Technology Boon or Bane

 Advance Technology Boon or Bane Composition

Technology: Boon or Bane

Technology offers many advantages than drawbacks. It has made our lifestyle easy, comfy, simple and luxurious. Technology is supporting human so much this description now a person can work from his home. It includes helped a lot in uniting people. In fact by using internet the earth has just completed to a global village. Technology doesn't produce man. Man makes technology... hence it depends on the work with we use it.... Elemental energy is indeed destructive.... However if we utilize it constructively the great benefit.... Rocket Research has many tranquil uses for space exploration & kind. When harnessed intended for war uses it's bound to be harmful.... Similarly Tv set & Internet has its own in addition & less side. If human head tilts to destructive uses then we can't consider technology alone at fault..... But I feel that this kind of technology is somewhat more boon than bane.

Please put the views below.

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It will be both equally.

most things anytime are not great or every bad. Similar to most other things, technology in the future will probably be both, based on application, person suing/programming, benefits, etc . consider atomic electricity, for instance.

while nuclear electrical power for electrical energy, it is certainly good. because an atomic weapon, it can be used to cause terrible break down. For every weapon of fatality and devastation we've invented, we've come up with a thousand methods to boost foodstuff production, enhance access to personal fulfillment, save lives, and simply to entertain ourselves. Generally, technology is a boon for almost as long as we've existed. I want to ask you this: can you imagine going back into a mode of existance ahead of technology? Ahead of we even had clothes, or spears? Before open fire and language? All of these points were developments, and if weight loss imagine even living devoid of what we have now (much much less comfortably), then you'll have to agree that technology is too important to ever give up. Nevertheless, it has it can downsides. Just lately, technological...

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