Infographic: Next-Gen World Language Learning

10 Oct 2013

How students learn a foreign language is starting to look very different in schools and at home. The Internet provides 21st Century students with access to instant information, audio and visual resources as well as providing the tools to make real world connections to native speakers. With tools like these types now available, it’s unfair to expect students to master a new language with just a text book, isolated inside four classroom walls.
All students should have access to high quality world language instruction. Blended world language learning could allow for this type of equal access. Next-Gen language learning should be flexible for schools and offer students and their families choices of high quality world language programs. “Blended learning programs that incorporate proven educational software such as Rosetta Stone increase access and also address issues of cost effectiveness in the ‘new normal’ economy.”
This infographic gives a great preview of what the upcoming white paper, The Next Generation of World Language Learning will cover. Look for the paper to launch next week!


Download the full infographic here.

Rosetta Stone is a Getting Smart Advocacy Partner.

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