Giordano Case

 Giordano Circumstance Essay

Giordano: International Development Case Evaluation

Date posted: Aug. 9, 2010

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1 . ) How would you describe and examine Giordano's item, business and corporate strategies?

Business strategy:

2. Flat company structure

5. Concentrated upon retailing

Business strategy

5. Cost command

2. Niche

* difference

Product approach:

* Good value product.

* Excellent solutions.

* Focused on core things.

2. Customer oriented.

* Giordano is effective in terms of their merchandise, business and corporate strategies.

Their particular product technique: the value for money, focused on main items and excellent solutions. Their achievement is because of relentless focus on providing quality goods, simplicity, development and service. The company is known for its fundamental and practical men's, can certainly, and kid's T-shirts and trousers, specifically denims. Employees are customer oriented and perhaps they are treated because assets, having to pay them with substantial wages.

The Giordano's business approach: the products on hand controlled system which will help them much more efficient products on hand holding. Allowing for the company to resolve some challenges and cut some expense resulting by slow shifting inventory. The business also fast cost- control strategies inside the areas of hire, outsourcing, inventory control, money management and etc. Another business strategy is definitely differentiation and serving niche market.

Their Corporate strategy depends more on retailing. Their particular vision is to be the best as well as the biggest world brand in apparel selling. The company functions 1800 retailers worldwide in 40 countries and that continues to grow more. Offering the term under brands of " Giordano”, " Giordano Concepts”, " Giordano Junior” and " Giordano Ladies”. The company tries to maintain smooth organizational structure and this caused easy connection between persons within the firm, which helps you to make rapid decision and also to manage the project successfully.

2). Just how would illustrate and evaluate Giordano's current positioning approach. Should Giordano reposition on its own against opponents in its current and fresh markets, and really should it will vary positioning methods for different geographic markets?

Giordano's current positioning strategy is based on providing value-for-money items of cheaper casual the unisex apparel. They focus on value-added products and increasing it charm by increasing on aesthetic merchandising and apparel. The image of the brand is already established. It was positioned based on quality and price with the products. Transfering it is not important because changing their image could create confusion among markets. Changing the cost could damage the image of the brand. They should maintain good selling price value instead of being cheap. Perhaps they need to spend more on promotions and promoting since they spend less about these areas. And instead of changing price the organization should re-launch its image to be even more stylish and therefore promoting a life-style and not just a brand.


It is not necessary for Giordano to adhere to same positioning strategies for different market however it will depend on the market condition of a specific whether to adhere to standardized or customized technique. The company go after with standardized setting strategies " value-for-money merchandise” for different marketplace within the same region. But before implementing this kind of standardized positioning strategy Giordano needs to be familiar with single marketplace on the basis of card holder's tastes and preferences regarding the product and promotional activities.

3). What are Giordano's key success elements and options for competitive benefit? Are the competitive positive aspects sustainable, just how would that they develop in the future?

The competitive advantages and key success factors to get Giordano are; their worth pricing- value for money apparel,...

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