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Name: Tran Tuan Linh

ID: 12212205

Country coming from: Vietnam

Worth system selected: " Accomplishment Disease in Education”

1 ) In any region, education plays a very important role to promote the development of all economics and culture. However , with methods of education for too long which do not in shape the requirements of the new time, Vietnam education is generating passive " people” that is good at theory but bad at practice. Students and even teachers nowadays are always within great deal of pressure from the alleged " Achievements disease”. Vietnamese obsession of getting any type of " achievement” creates a negative effect in education. While college students are having pressure of getting very good grades to be able to fulfill their very own parents' is going to, teachers also need to make sure all of their students acquire good represents to meet the school's made a decision achievement. This may sound clear, however you will find students whom are good for math but is not good in technology, who adores study and who avoid. As a result, academics dishonesty like cheating exam is likely to be occur frequently today. My attempt in this daily news is to contribute my voice to acknowledge and get people to understand even more about this fact in education in Vietnam as well as giving suggestion to remove this situation.

2 . The meaning of " Achievement Disease”:

" Achievement” is an accomplishment in whatever desired goals you've arranged for yourself, not really earning big money. Achievement has been doing what you want to do in the bounds from the law. Is it doesn't pursuit of dreams. It is freedom from the stores of fear and unbelief. It is identification of the actual you exclusive and the things you have to offer others. It is the understanding, the compound, and the tangibility of a wish fulfilled. �

Hence, we can realize that " Accomplishment Disease in education” is known as a type of disease which people try trying to pursues achievements at any cost despite doing corruption or dishonest behavior.

About the above justification, taking initiatives to follow achievements of an individual or maybe a group is a great moral figure. It should be recommend and encourage to every persons. Just imagine a rustic in which every single member will take efforts to obtain higher overall performance on the areas of actions: sports, arts, education, production, trade, technology and so on pertaining to his/her on sake and for the whole community. The country is obviously wealthy and prosperous in its economy and also society.

However , when these types of efforts to attain a good and necessary features of each member the world becomes a " disease”, wrong behavior will probably to happen that causes the system being corrupted. To simplify the definition of this term, let's imagine of the standard differences among " unique achievements” with " Achievements Disease” is a different among genuine merchandise and counterfeiting goods. And the key factor that makes the difference is a existed or perhaps non-existed of honesty.

3. In respect to Murray (1938), this individual considered that need for successes as one of the simple human requirements. 4. Level Appreciation is a serious a significant Vietnam Culture nowadays.

Actually the psychology of degree appreciation is essential and continues to be harmless whether it goes with an effective certification mechanism, which shows one's functionality through the degree. Japan is regarded as the most prevailed country in pursuing level appreciation. In this article, the employee assessment relies heavily on their degree which trigged a strong competition inside the society. People are urging to get qualified levels to ensure all their premise to achieve your goals. However , this can be a totally several story in Vietnam. Within a lot of circumstances, the certifications are not linked to actual capability of the owners.

In Vietnam, many people think that the easiest method to pursue powerful in life is usually to obtain very good university level. This seems to be a huge burden creates simply by parents plus the society, which usually...

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