Fgjyk Composition

Laboratory 5

Title: Thévenin and Norton Equivalent Circuits.

Target: The student should be able to find the Thévenin and Norton variation of a series-parallel circuit both analytically through taking measurements.

Equipment: Power Supply

Digital Multimeter


Preparation: Write down thier title and a short description of this lab in your laboratory book. Guarantee the page is definitely numbered and make an entrance in the desk of items for this laboratory.

Measure the genuine resistance of the resistors (unless you have previously done so) and rely on them in place of the typical resistor principles throughout the the rest of the laboratory.

Thevenin's Theorem states that individuals can replace

entire network by an equivalent signal that

consists of only persistent voltage source in series with a great impedance (resistor) such that the current-voltage marriage at the weight is unrevised.

Norton's Thereom is similar to Thevenin's Theorem only that the equivalent routine is an independent current origin in parallel with a great impedance (resistor). Therefore , the Norton equal circuit can be described as source transformation of the Thevenin equivalent outlet

Note: When ever there are simply dependent resources, the equivalent network is merely RTh, that is, no current or perhaps voltage resources.

Note: The moment there are only dependent sources, the equivalent network is merely RTh, that is, no current or voltage options.

Vth=Voc=VR2. 2 carat


I=10/3. 2K=3. 125 mA

Vth=6. 875 watt


Vth=Rth*Isc that is Isc=Vth/Rth=6. 875/1007. 5=6. 8mA

Rth=1007. 5 ohm.

if consider the RL=1K& RL=10K MAY HAVE

RL| I (mA)| V (volts)| P (watts)p=i*v

1k| a few. 64| a few. 6| 13. 104 mw

10k| 0. 63| 6th. 32| 3. 9816 mw

2: consider the figure4.

therefore: _

Vth=9. 18 volts, Rth=1. 4k, IN=Isc=Vth/Rth=9. 14/1. 4k=6. 528mA

in the event that RL=1K & RL=10K.

RL| V(volts)| I(mA)| P(i*v)mw

1k| 6. 17| 5. 22| 32. 207

10k| eight. 4| 0. 85| six. 14

a few: consider he following figure(5).

Conclusions: In the conclusion...

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