DIY High

14 Aug 2013

Here’s a lunch napkin design for new high school where students create the job they want.
1. Grad requirements include:

  • An LLC and a business plan
  • A website and mobile app
  • A ‘Shark Tank’ pitch to potential investors
  • 101 merit badges

2. 101 Merit badges include:

  • 20 in math and problem solving
  • 20 in communications
  • 40 in applied world knowledge
  • 20 in work & life skills
  • 1 for acceptance into a postsecondary program

(See On Merit Badges for background)
3. Learning supports include:

  • a really good advisor
  • goal/competency tracking system & portfolio
  • wide variety of learning experiences/materials
  • access to business mentors and work experiences

I think this is kunskapsskolan meets CodeHS plus ImagineK12. What is my napkin missing?

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