Creative Apps from EdShelf

29 Jul 2013

These six selections involve doing something creatively, or just differently. Sometimes students and teachers both need a chance to stretch their creative muscle and change things up. And you can, with the help of these notable tools that were recently added to edshelf.

  • Google Story Builder – Here is a different way to tell a story. Create online stories with text and audio, then play back all of your typing actions.
  • Questimate – Create your own questions to build your students’ estimation skills on size, speed, time, etc. using this iPad app.
  • Bingo Card Creator – A simple tool for a simple game that can be customized for all kinds of situations. Made for anyone, child or adult.
  • The Opposites – What is the opposite of “bear”? That, and other word opposites is what this iPhone/iPad game is all about.
  • Tangram Chess – This unique game combines tangram (a shape puzzle game) with chess. Sounds tough, but it can be a fun way to teach geometry and logic.
  • myEDmatch – Your current environment not quite suited to you? Create new opportunities by using this job search and resume builder for teachers.

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