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A converged network adapter (CNA), also called a converged network interface controller (C-NIC), is a computer system input/output gadget that combines the functionality of a host tour bus adapter (HBA) with a network software controller (NIC). Put simply it " converges" use of, respectively, a storage area network and a general-purpose computer network.

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Several products were marketed about 2005 while using term C-NIC which combined iSCSI storage functionality with Gigabit Ethernet. Afterwards products used the marketing term converged network adapter (CNA), combining Fibre Channel more than Ethernet with 10 Gb Ethernet, such as. Brocade[edit]

Brocade Communications Systems offers two types of CNAs, with PCI Express generation 2 . 0 cadre. The only big difference between the two models would be the number of interfaces on the credit cards: one or two. The two port style will allow link with two several switches to create a redundant settings without having to work with two PCI slots.[1] Broadcom[edit]

In 2009 Broadcom entered the CNA market. Broadcom offers all their CNAs under their own manufacturer but also sell the application-specific integrated circuits and other related parts to others. Their intended buyers are the much larger builders of server systems such as Dell and HP. These sellers can then range from the ten Gb CNA with the servers: since embedded user interface on the hauptplatine (LOM or LAN on Motherboard), through a mezzanine card in blade servers or since PCI extension-card.[2] Emulex[edit]

Emulex offers CNAs underneath the Emulex manufacturer as the OneConnect five Gigabit number of dual port optical and copper connectors. They also OEM their connectors for Gresca, Dell, ELECTRONIC COUNTER MEASURE (ECM), Fujitsu, HDS, HP, APPLE and NetApp.[3] QLogic[edit]...

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