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Carson City, Nevada 89711-0900

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February 2, 2011


All Interested Vendors


Self-Service Fatal (Kiosk) Technology Conference

Your Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) can be requesting information regarding self-service terminals (kiosks) prior to providing an RFP for a fresh 10-year kiosk vendor agreement (four years with 3 2-year revival options). The state of hawaii currently offers 27 self-service kiosks with 17 of those located inside DMV offices. In fiscal year 2009, the kiosks handled nearly 353, 1000 transactions and kiosk usage increased one other 20% in FY 2010. Approximately 24% of all enrollment renewals this kind of fiscal season have been performed on self-service kiosks. The DMV is looking to add driver's license and identity card renewals, and additional self-services to the for the program.

The DMV wish to dramatically grow our kiosk program in the next biennium with the help of new deals and up to 40 extra kiosks in each of the initial two years of the contract. This will bring kiosks closer to the general public and into residential neighborhoods, business centers, colleges, schools, rural areas, and community based price tag centers.

The Department can be proposing legal guidelines that would allow the State to " pass-through” a transaction processing payment to the consumer, making this program self-funded. Doing so would allow us to deploy a large number of new kiosks into locations that will better serve the customer. We are looking at adding kiosks in to secure areas that are accessible to the public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This pass-through digesting fee has to be reasonable enough to attract The state of nevada residents to work with the for the program rather than driving to DMV offices.

The State of Nevada invites all interested functions to contact and register to attend this conference with our Director and key Administrators. DMV representatives will...

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