Activate Ed’s Rockstar Number 3, Lydia Logan

1 Aug 2013

The next Activate Ed  Education Rockstar is Lydia Logan, Managing Director of Chiefs for Change at the Foundation for Excellence in Education. Lydia graduated of the University of Pennsylvania and has not stopped working for transparent national education reform through many different organizations, such as Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation and  the Institute for a Competitive Workforce at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. She believes, “ensuring that our public education system is strong is the best way to make sure that everyone has access to the American dream.”

Activate Ed provides another extensive toolkit, complete with Lydia’s favorite resources, including The Center for American Progress and The American Enterprise Institute.  Lydia is also a big fan of Rick Hess because he is so good at compiling opinions from varying viewpoints from scholars allowing her to find the midpoints.

Lydia says, “I think the most important thing about working in education is understanding that you have the opportunity to make a difference, and impact future generations.”

Click to check out Lydia’s entire Rockstar Toolkit here.

The Activate ED campaign is a collaboration of The Broad Center, Education Pioneers, and the Strategic Data Project —all have missions to transform education by supplying top leaders, managers, and analysts to the field.

We are always excited for the next in the series Activate Ed has created because we definitely enjoyed Tom’s feature, proud of the high quality resource we could help share with other talented people wanting to get involved and work towards making education better for students.

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