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п»їSyllabus notes on Xerxes

" I am xerxes, the great california king, king of kings, ruler of royaume, containing lots of men, king through this great earth far and wide, child of Darius, an Achaemenid, a Persian, son in the Persian, and Aryan, of Aryan seed”

" Among all these huge numbers there is not a gentleman, who, to get stature and noble bearing, was more worthy than xerxes to wield so vast a power” -Herodotus

Section one particular

Geography, topography and assets of the Persian Empire


The disposition stretched regarding 1800 kms from the Caspian sea inside the north for the Persian gulf and American indian ocean That extended 3600 km via Egypt as well as the coast of Ionia on the western part of the country to the Extremes river in the east A lot of the land area of the empire was populated simply by conquered lenders such as the Egyptians, Babylonians, Armenians, Ionian Greeks, Jews and many other. Almost all the known " civilized” world was dominated by the Persians Different ethnicities

1 . Greeks

2 . Syrians

3. Babylonians

4. Egyptians

5. Indians


Plataea in the middle of the empire which rings the empire with mountains Salt deserts that are dried up previous lakes

Mountains are treeless but guard the empire from foes

Mesopotamia is among the most fertile part of Persia


Quarries presented metals including iron, copper mineral, gold, lead and tin. Wild animals such as lions, contains and goats

Cereal seeds such as barley and wheat, fruit just like figs

Lamb, goats and horses had been grazed by nomadic people

Fisheries supplied fish in jars

Forests were used for their timber for building purposes, teak wood came from India The empire became extremely wealthy as a result of efficient systems of taxation and tribute that came from all pays and the control of trade

Introduction to Persian personal, social and military buildings

Xerxes inherited the stability in the empire type his ancestors and forefathers


The ruler was at the top of all Persian political, sociable and armed forces structures Total/absolute ruler

Owned or operated all people and land

Assigned tasks to nobility and royalty

Had special relationship with Ahura Mazda

Had not been divine

Was decedent from archaemenes- creator of Persia

Social (starting from the top rated of hierarchy)


Royals/ nobility

Hereditary land slots, military officials

Citizens with full rights


Partially free staff


Armed forces

Ideal member was a gentleman who could shoot arrows and fight for his region 10 000 immortals

All men approximately 50 years of age had an requirement to provide their nation Consisted of a specialist core of Persians and Medes. They will manned the garrisons for key points in the empire including river crossings All officers were Persians

Conscriptions was used

Persians are not maritime although had naval forces through their purchase of Egypt and Phoenicia- their particular navy and army were interdependent There are Persian admirals in charge of the fleet, however they had very little experience in naval warfare and based upon native commanders

Expansion from the Persian Empire

550BC- Cyrus defeats the Medes and Persians annex the median empire. (Assyria [Iraq], Armenia and cappadocia [western turkey] 547BC- Cyrus beats Lydia (Croesus) and conquers the Ionian Greeks 559BC- Cyrus defeats Babylonians

525BC- Cambyses conquers Egypt. He also grows empire east into Afghanistan and central Asia Darius was more known for his consolidation with the empire instead of conquests

Illustrate the growth of the Local Empire (10 marks) (dates, names and places)

The initial recognized head of the Persians was archaemenes who led the Persians in the 7th century. At any given time when they altered from a nomadic to a more satisfied lifestyle. Afterwards Persian emperors all claimed descent by Achaemenes. The first Local emperor was Cyrus (c. 560-30BC) who united the Persians and in incorporated the prior empires from the Medes, Assyrians and Babylonians into his kingdom. Cyrus more significant conquest was his defeat of...

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